Government Awareness and Education

For many organizations, legislative and regulatory decisions can affect both their mission and day-to-day operations.  Policy and regulation is a complicated world, and unfortunately, those decisions are sometimes made without all of the pertinent facts. That’s why we have lobbyists, right? Lobbyists represent you on Capitol Hill and make sure the decision-makers understand what’s in your best interest.

But there are inevitable challenges that stand in the way of effective lobbying. Lobbyists are often competing to be heard among others touting loud, opposing messages. It can be expensive and carries negative connotations for some members of the media and the general public. Then there’s the organizational challenge – maneuvering the constant turnover and shifting support in crucial arenas like congressional offices, state legislatures and federal agencies.

At Crosby~Volmer, we don’t believe that lobbying is the answer. In fact, we don’t have a single lobbyist on staff. Instead, we focus on educating and informing, rather than directly influencing, by using direct communication strategies with elected officials, their staff, think tanks and other gatekeepers to establish a true understanding of your messaging. These strategies can take many forms and are tailored to the specific needs of each of our clients, but all of our efforts have one thing in common: We ensure the people who make the decisions have access to the resources they need to make informed choices.  In recent years, we have:

  • Created and distributed thousands of district-specific reports on myriad issues
  • Arranged hundreds of town hall meetings, often featuring members of Congress and key staffers
  • Placed thousands of in-district opinion editorials and articles using association presidents, their members and third-party advocates to help educate members of Congress and their constituents
  • Booked more than 8,000 speaking engagements with key businesses and civic organizations encompassing every congressional district
  • Organized dozens of briefings and panel events to educate congressional staff on key issues
  • Recruited hundreds of third-party groups to share their perspectives on specific issues

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