Crisis Communications/ Reputation Management

It’s true that nobody can predict the exact moment when a crisis might occur, but that doesn’t mean you can’t be prepared. Staying one step ahead by having a crisis management plan in place before a catastrophe takes place often means the difference between a quick resolution and an escalation to a full-fledged disaster.

Crosby~Volmer knows the crisis communications drill. We work with you to develop comprehensive crisis management plans, lead training programs for key players and prepare your organization to act decisively, as a cohesive unit, when things don’t go your way.

Should an issue actually arise, we provide rapid-response, onsite counseling to help you work through the situation as it develops, anticipating and minimizing negative impact on your brand. We help manage the media frenzy by delivering critical messages to the highest-priority audiences, both internal and external, and develop long-term plans to manage the residual impact.

While crises are typically uncontrollable, how you react when you’re under fire is definitely not. Our team will work directly with yours to ensure urgent issues are resolved quickly and successfully, and damage control is managed effectively.

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