Business-to-Business Communications

You need a partner who can help you navigate the unique waters of your industry.  In order to be successful, you must effectively reach your clients, prospects, suppliers and business partners with messages that enhance your brand equity.  You need a partner who can work closely with your business development team.  Bottom line: you need a partner who gets it.

Getting your message through concentrated business-to-business channels requires specialized strategies, designed to cut through jargon and tap into the latest trends and industry hot topics.  At Crosby~Volmer, our experienced team provides tailored strategies with creative outreach plans and compelling messaging that will reinforce your brand as the strongest within your industry.

Our experience includes:

  • Customized business communication strategies tailored to reach target constituents
  • New product and service announcements with direct communication and vertical industry PR
  • Sales support communication that leverages sales and PR activity to achieve revenue goals
  • Trade show conference planning and onsite support
  • Coordinating speaking engagements and industry panel participation
  • Managing industry and national awards submissions

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